Fall Landscape


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      Q18   Fall Vision



S26  Gordon Creek's Waterfall



     34L   From the Side of the Road



P87  Autumn Swan a Swimming




            38P  A Break in the Canopy



           19P   Ferns in the Fall



             P59       Grenadier Pond



              S19     Fall Inlet  



         L35   On the Journey Home



       S21     Early Fall




    P53     Late Summer at the Pond




         28O   Birch Trees and Pipeline 




    P70    Majestic Orange Maple




           58P  A Sliver of Sky in

                               the Distance





               8O      Waiting for Us



    23P  First Mountain in the Fall



     27P  Cardinal and Golden Asters     




             P56     Lac aux Brochets



         18P     Heading to Camp


                    27O  Looking Up the Ottawa




          33P   A Kaleidoscope of Color


     7M    Tamaracks in the Woods




       7O      Harbinger of Winter



         P57     Yellow Birch Far Off



      Q56  Blue Spruce with Rapids




      14P   Beautiful Maple in the Fall



      P64  Fall's Warmth with Blue




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