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Oil and Acrylic Painting Workshops and

On-Site Workshops with John Presseault


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Studio Painting, oil or acrylic:


Usually 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm weekdays

and weekends 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

                times are flexible


Session - one 3 hour classe per day or evening for 8 consecutive weeks

Fees are $240.00 for the 8 week course


Students will be introduced to their materials. The different ways of beginning a painting are covered. All paintings are composed of 4 main visible elements:color, value, shapes and edges and these topics will be discussed throughout the eight week session .Composition, placement  and  the necessity or not of a focal point will be covered. Alla prima and/or the three value methods will be used. Students will be encouraged to develop their own unique painting style (own voice) through positive critiques and suggestions. Gentle group critiques by their fellow students and the instructor will take place after most sessions. Both novice and experienced artists can benefit greatly from these classes.

Students must bring there own subject matter (ie. real reference material, photos, copies of paintings, etc).Please be conscious that the material should be clear and large enough to make out enough detail to work from. We will not work from memory, this should only happen after years of experience. Painting materials and subject reference material must be brought to every session.

Classes are kept to a maximum size of 4 to 8 people. Due to the flexible instruction method used in the workshops, the eight consecutive weeks is highly recommended but are somewhat flexible. These courses run year round including the summers.


  Material list for painting:



On-Site Classes:          


Session :  one weekend (Sat-Sun) 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

                  No dates at this time


Fees $300.00



Discussions on how to start an on-site painting by first choosing  a subject that inspires the artist and by figuring out what attracted them to that scene. Then deciding what will be the focal point for that piece and how to plan the piece so that happens. This all takes place prior to any actually painting. Other practices discussed will be the advance thumbnail sketch, a light/dark study and even color studies prior to actually painting. Alla prima and the three value methods will be discussed and each student can choose either of these techniques. John likes to have students use their own judgment in how much information to include in their paintings, if they want to eliminate certain features in the landscape to strengthen the composition or to even rearrange the landscape. A camera to record the scene so that works can be completed later is a good idea. John does stress accuracy, students will be encouraged to paint what they see and not what they think they know. Attention will be given to shapes, values, edges, composition, color and complementary. They will be spending a lot of time looking and making conscious decisions while they paint. Squinting and stepping back are two of the most important tools for on site work. Students will be made aware of the time restrictions and various ways on how to deal with them when painting outdoors.  Other important en plein air challenges will be discussed.

Should extreme weather warrant it, the workshop dates may be changed on short notice but normally a site is chosen that can accommodate most weather conditions.



Contact Information

John Presseault,

Cell 416-668-0840

Web page:

Classes to take place at John’s studio located at:

501 Alliance Avenue,

Units #210,

Toronto, Ontario M6N 2J1

Directions: (4 Blocks North of St Clair Ave West – 1 1/4 Blocks east of Jane Street) or
(from the foot of Black Creek Dr, south-west along Humber Blvd that turns into Alliance Avenue,

on the south side of Alliance)

Free parking

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