Urban Landscapes

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              Q111  Returning to the Villa



               8P   Forgotten Church




          P95    Abandoned Church





       P91    Windy Day at Cabin #3




       21P   Kensington Shoppers




               R1 The Duomo (Florence)



      4M  Spring at Colborne Lodge




    Q119    The Baptistry (Florence)




    29M Temiscaming CPR Station



          8L   Forsythia at the Lodge




  10P  Early Morning at





      4P   Neptune and Fauns

             Battling Sea Serpent




         1N   Hunter's Point Church



                    R3  Ahhh Italy (Il Pornelleto)




     64E   The Witch's Cottage,

           Cabbagetown  (SOLD)



       48C After the Fire, Minsk





           P17    Kensington Market,




   37O   Tembec in the Distance

                                at Dusk



       R11   Maureen's Dream Home



    P94   Where Jacques Served

                Mass   (SOLD)




         36O  Kensington Market


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