Winter Landscape


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        P100   Winter's Thaw



       P103  Solitary Tree at Sunset




     O11  Spring Is Finally Beginning



  18H   Snowstorm behind Chateau

                                 Lake Louise



        1K   Snow on the




   2N White Lake Cabins 5 & 6

                         at Sunset




      P99 Trudging through the Snow





  P106 Country Road after New Snow





       17N  On the Way to the Falls




        5K  Oak Tree in Fresh Powder



           Q9   My Winter Dream




   Q7  Laurentian Woods in Winter





         27N  View from the Window




         18N   The Fall's Runoff




              2L   Winter's Blaze    



          P44   Heading to the Falls




             10M   Oxtongue Rapids




          P49  Awaiting First Launch



     65P   Spring's Melt has Begun





           19N   Sunny Afternoon




            Q11  Furious Winter Sky


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