Summer Landscape


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      S18   Midnight Mist                          



      Q115 Grape Harvesting

         under Mount Cetona



    31I   Early Morning at

                      the Pond



     P53   Late Summer at

            Grenadier Pond        


        G34    Into the Haze                     



     J9   Dreamy Morning Mist





      R4  Quiet Evening at the Park






             1L     Quiet Time





       15H Field in Van Gogh's

               Colors    SOLD




      Q113  Art Enthusiast Hard

                              at Work




         25E  Spruce and Cedars

               in Stanley Park



        34C   Our Front Yard




    34P   Forest Reclaiming

                        It's Own



      6N  Red Sky at Night,

                    Sailor's Delight



     P52   Going to Grandkid's

         Soccer Game



       Q109  Vineyard under

                       Mount Cetona



   P63   Late Afternoon Light




       21F Willows in the Breeze





     P71 Spruce and Birch Stand




       11I  Summer's Golden Crop



     P45  Forest Taking Over




     P62   Shadows on the

             Laurentian Hills




    Q20 Jack Pine in the Wind           



     P66   Tranquil Path

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